Consumer Protection

The consumer protection programs administered by the state attorneys general are multifaceted. State attorneys general have primary responsibility in their states for the enforcement of their state's consumer protection laws. Every state has a consumer protection statute prohibiting deceptive acts and practices. These broad general statutes are supplemented in all jurisdictions by laws that address specific industries or practices. The state attorneys general have varied tools and authority to address abuses and illegalities in the market place. These include civil and criminal litigation, mediation, public and business education, creating and commenting on state and federal legislative proposals, and cooperative enforcement ventures with state, local, and federal enforcement agencies. Hawaii Attorney General David Louie and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt serve as Co-Chairs of the NAAG Consumer Protection Committee.

NAAG promotes information exchange among the states with respect to investigations, litigation, consumer education, and both federal and state legislation. The Committee organizes two Consumer Protection Conferences annually and sponsors other enforcement and training conferences.

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Trial Advocacy Training for OAG-RI

August 4 - 7, 2014
Providence, RI
Contact: Bill Malloy

Intellectual Property Theft Training Seminar: Georgetown, TX

August 4, 2014
Georgetown Communications and Training Building
Contact: Judy McKee

Advanced Trial Techniques and Investigator Training for OAG-FL

August 5 - 8, 2014
Tampa, FL
Contact: Bill Malloy

Intellectual Property Theft Training Seminar: Nashville, TN

August 11, 2014
ROCIC James T. Rogers Training Room
Contact: Judy McKee

Moving into Management for OAG-MO

August 21 - 22, 2014
Jefferson City, MO
Contact: Bill Malloy

Intellectual Property Theft Training Seminar: Sacramento, CA

August 29, 2014
CA DOJ Advanced Training Center
Contact: Judy McKee