Criminal Environmental Statutes

Under the auspices of a grant from the USEPA, NAAG worked with EPA to compile state and Federal environmental statutes that have a criminal component, which are available in the linked table.

  • State Environmental Criminal Enforcement Statutes Database

  • It is possible to sort the materials in the table by state, media, or a variety of other factors.

    • Click the column header to sort A-Z or Z-A.
    • To narrow your search, enter the word or phrase you seek or choose an item from the drop down list and click "Filter".
    • To clear a search, delete any values in the filter row and/or set any drop down lists to "None", then click "Filter".

    Please note that in many cases, the link will take you to a table of contents or general statute rather than to a specific subsection of a state code.

    If you find a broken link, outdated or inaccurate material, please let the Environment Project know, with an e-mail to the webmaster. If there is a significant section of state statutory material that has been omitted, please notify the Environment Project; it is possible that the table will be expanded in the future.

    Because state and federal law changes, NAAG cannot guarantee the accuracy of the references in the table. The table is available only for research purposes, and users should independently confirm the text and citations of the statutes in it.

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