What do the Attorneys General do at NAAG meetings?

The business agenda of the busy three-four day schedule usually includes several plenary sessions where the Attorneys General meet with state and federal officials to discuss various legal issues impacting the states. Plenary sessions also may feature major guest speakers, including the President, cabinet secretaries, Congressional leaders, foreign dignitaries and industry leaders. NAAG Committees and task forces also convene at these meetings. One of the most valuable aspects of these meetings is that they provide an opportunity to Attorneys General to discuss ideas, issues and share problems and solutions with their colleagues.

During the Winter and Summer Meetings, Attorneys General may consider resolutions regarding critical legal and policy matters that affect the powers and duties of their offices. During the Summer Meeting, the Attorneys General elect a new slate of officers, and the NAAG President makes new Committee leadership appointments. And during the Fall meeting, members discuss critical policy issues and conduct the business of the Association, including the approval of the NAAG budget.

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